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The 4 Rules of Social Media

What is social media logic??? Social media logic is the principles, practices through which platforms process information, news, communication, including how they channel social traffic.

"Influence is not gained spontaneously or accidentally, but through a concerted effort, an exerting a public dialogue ruled by a small number of hyper connected influencers, skilled at handling large numbers of followers. " (Van Dijck, The Culture of Connectivity Pg. 74)

Social media consists of 4 principles:


  • Coded construction of algorithms, protocols, interfaces that shapes relational activities such as liking/sharing based off inferred data.

  • Social media sites retain significant agency in the process of steering programmability

  • lacks editorial aspect


  • Media personalities can lure crowds, political , socioeconomic, entertainers & accumulate mass attention

  • Combination of algorithms and users themselves.

  • Social media sits consist of making ranking systems & value of its platform and users

  • Measures popularity at the same time as it tries to influence and manipulate rating


  • Links content to citizens and advertisers to consumers.

  • Values human connectedness and automated interconnectivity

  • Individuals create their own customized social communities


  • Mines online social traffic for indicators of social traffic, sentiments, and public view points or frequently shared and liked items.

  • Data are raw resources social media sites uses to measure feelings of “the people”

  • Ability to add real-time analytics + data dimension + properties of behavior

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