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2018 NE Grad Media Symposium Submission

To Whom It May Concern: The previous blog post is my thesis proposal. That is the proposal for my entire thesis project but it is not my submission. It is there to give you background knowledge about the many parts that contribute to this multimedia project. My submission is a painting. I've been working on this 3x6 ft painting that has helped me visual my ideas and mold me into a better artist. Here it is:

Awareness is like lifting the blinds and exposing that light that you need to make yourself shine. For so long I was confused and sick. If there’s a first lesson in this project, it’s awareness is key. Without being aware of our problems how are we ever going to solve, let alone wrap our heads around them??? This 3x6ft painting is my awareness. 3 years ago, when I first started, it was a self-portrait nude of me (the first pic). I painted it completely oversized, unproportionable, and without an awareness of the issues I had with body image and self-confidence. A year ago, I covered the whole thing up. I had a sense how the media is embedded in our perceptions, so I took a photo of Beyoncé and copied her body. Still, it felt forced, commercialized, and unrealistic. Something still wasn’t right, in my painting, and in my brain. Sometimes knowing the truth is harder than living in ignorance. I had to realize and accept that I had issues. I had to become aware of the media I was consuming and the effect it had on my everyday focus. With every new awareness of the insane person I was also brought forth how impossible it seemed to change any of my self-destructive habits. Yet every question I asked was an inspirational motivation to search for the truth. To take responsibility for the way I was acting, understand and accept my flaws, and do everything in my power to change, practice, and believe in a better version of me. Fast forward to the end of the video, the current status of this giant mirror. My new painting isn’t just one person. It’s not just about me. It’s about us. It’s about people coming together. Two personas intertwining together depicts my new feelings for media. It could be 2 friends, 2 lovers, or 2 versions of yourself that fight, collide, embody and unconditionally love the true you. [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

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